五常beplay体育下载安卓版源beplay官网下载安卓有限公司位于拥有水稻王国之称的黑龙江省beplay app ios。公司是一家集种植、生产、加工、销售为一体的现代化农业企业,公司成立于2002年,现拥有多条国内先进的加工生产线,日加工能力近百吨,年加工产量达万吨以上。公司秉承“平等互利,诚信服务”的经营宗旨,不断树立诚信、先进、高效的现代化企业形象。

Originating from enterprises
Modern agricultural enterprises in the rice Kingdom

Wuchang rice tande Co. Ltd. is located in the rice has called the kingdom of Wuchang City in Heilongjiang province. The company is a modern agricultural enterprise integrating planting, production, processing and sales. The company was founded in 2002, and now has many advanced domestic processing lines. The daily processing capacity is nearly 100 tons, and the annual processing output is over 10000 tons. Adhering to the management tenet of "equality and mutual benefit, good faith service", the company constantly sets up the modern enterprise image of good faith, advanced and high efficiency.
The world famous brand "rice frog" and "five rice Weng" and other brand rice are loved by the people and sell well all over the country because of their rich nutrition, green and organic. In order to meet the consumer's demand for products, the company will continue to expand its sales channels and develop new and high-quality products to serve the customers.

beplay app iosbeplay体育下载安卓版源beplay官网下载安卓有限公司


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